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Assetz Compact Homes

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Assetz Compact Homes by Assetz Group 

Enjoying the best and most unique location Assetz Compact Homes pre launch in the lively provincial place in Bangalore. Asset Group planned this project with the stunning views, modern open-plan architecture, sustainable incorporation of top-quality materials in all areas. Well-tended landscape garden designed by landscape architects. Project has the best transport facilities. Best modern amenities is designed to make the project extremely attractive and a good living experience for the dwellers.

Assetz Compact Homes Key Location and Distances:

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Assetz Compact Homes Floor Plans and Prices:

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Assetz Compact Homes Amenities:

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Assetz Compact Homes Neighborhoods:

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About the Builders:

At Assetz Lifestyle, we are driven not by the need to create more, but to design better. In an industry where design is often narrowed down to aesthetics, every component of our properties is led by design. Our focus on design in every detail enables us to create properties that are true assets for families and businesses that prosper in them.

Founded in 2006, Assetz Life Style is primarily in the business of real estate development and business portfolio management with a secondary focus on infrastructure development in the Asia region. Assetz Lifestyle develops projects across commercial, residential and mixed-use asset classes. Besides our history of developing buildings to house many multinational commercial office tenants which has established the business with clear robust systems, transparent processes, and an eye for detail with a belief that conventions should be challenged, our focus has also been to elevate our customers lifestyles.

Bhandhavya Gowda
By Bhandhavya Gowda May 13, 2016 17:46 Updated